Insomnia, restless legs, frequent bathroom trips, overall discomfort- not to mention baby practicing Yoga moves in the womb late at night? We've been there! At SATC we strive to help our Mommy-to-Be clients get the full night's rest they need for a happy healthy pregnancy.

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Early riser, short napper, constant night waking- sound familiar? You've already spent countless hours researching online- yet your baby is different and nothing is working- and you're ready for change! We offer customized solutions for every family- together we can help your child learn to love sleep! 0-18 Months Old.

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 One nap or no nap?  Nightmare or night terrors?  Crib or toddler bed? Toddlerland can be tricky and they are master negotiators!  We have tried & true ways to keep your little one in their room and sleeping peacefully all night. 18 Months to 5 years old.

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My babyโ€™s naps were disasters....he would scream, cry and would only sleep in my arms! After working with Lauren, my son can fall asleep alone in his own room in under 10 minutes- and we can finally have a social life now that heโ€™s on a consistent schedule!
— Jaime J. & Baby 6 Months Old